Cherie & Dave's Red Nose World

Cherie & Dave's Red Nose World



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Teachers, librarians & youth group leaders from around the country have enjoyed Cherie & Dave's performances here are just some the rave reviews they've received.


This was an amazing, outstanding program. From the moment they walked in to begin setting up, they were in character and had me smiling! The children were a captive audience; they loved being that close to real, live clowns. The show was well thought-out, timed and staged for short attention spans. The audience's attention was held the entire time, laughter was abundant, and the children were smiling from ear to ear as they walked out the door. I couldn't thank the performers enough; also, thank you for your part as well. This was a fantastic event, and I hope we will see it again in the near future.


Thank you,


Miss Vanessa White, M. A. T.

Children's Branch Specialist

Sissonville - Kanawha County Public Library

Charleston, WV


I just want to thank you so much.  I have been at the library for five years and have booked many performers.  This was by far the best.  The teachers called to say how much they loved the show.  They would like to send thank you notes to the clowns.  Is there an address I can give them?  I would love to work with you guys again.  It truly was a great show and the children did not stop laughing.  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.


Jennifer Young

Children librarians

Perry Co. Public Library

Hazard, KY



My name is Marsha Walker & I am the Assistant Director of the FRYSC with the Hazard Independent School System.  I was contacted by our Jennifer Young, Children’s Librarian at the Public Library,  inviting us to watch the Ringling Brothers & Barnum Bailey clowns interpret If I Ran the Circus in honor of Dr. Suess’ birthday.  You have my sincerest thanks for providing such a wonderful activity for our Kindergarten students & our staff!  Our children were mesmerized by the performance of the clowns & they are still talking about it (so are their teachers)!! 


The response was so complimentary, we are interested in having the performance for all of our students next year.

Thank you again,

Marsha Walker


Hazard, KY


Placitas Community Library

The clown performance on July 19 at our library was absolutely delightful and professional.  The children giggled and laughed and had the best time and so did the adults.  We are so glad you contacted us and hope that we can do this again sometime.


Thank you again for one of our best summer reading sessions.




Nora Timmons,

Children’s Program Coordinator

Placitas, NM




Dave and Cherie were FABULOUS!  Thank you so much for contacting us and making the event happen.  The belly laughs from the audience were heart-warming and your ambassadors make sure everyone had a good time.  They were patient, kind and most of all funny, funny, funny!    


We would love to host them again in the future! 


Happy Reading, Lora 

Champaign, IL


Subject: Performance at Perry County Library


I would just like to thank you for the wonderful performance at the library in Hazard, Ky.  The Hazard Independent Kindergarten had the pleasure of seeing your show. It was amazing. The children were continually entertained as was I. Not only did it expand on Read Across America, it also brought children to the library and enforced the idea of a place of learning and fun.  I am so grateful to have experienced your show.  The performers were amazing and the children loved them. 

Thank you again.    

Karen Francis                                                              

Kindergarten Teacher

Hazard, KY


Jillian, The Ambassadors of Laughter just left the school and our children had an absolutely wonderful time. It was one of the most entertaining activities we've had for the students at the Arkansas School for the Blindand Visually Impaired.  The children and teachers were thrilled (as were the administrators).  Cherie and Dave are phenomenal and it was uncanny the way they were able to perform and explain what they were doing at the same time. Generally people who aren't familiar with blindness and low vision don't realize that all you have to do is explain what's going on and it's entertaining to the children.  Not one of our students was frightened by the clowns and all of the children stayed entertained throughout the entire performance. Cherie and Dave allowed each child to come up and feel their shoes, hair and costumes which made it fantastic for those who have extremely limited or no vision.  I just can't thank you enough for thinking of us. Thank you, thank you, thank you and God Bless you for sending Cherie and Dave to perform at our school.

Sharon Berry, Principal

Arkansas School for the Blind
Little Rock, AR


Dave and Cherie were fantastic!  I thank them for an exciting time enjoyed by all.  They were very accommodating of the much bigger group than we had initially anticipated - nearly 500 attended the performance!  They could not have been nicer or more professional. Thanks to you, Dave and Cherie for a terrific event.


Ashley Moore, Assistant Director

Dougherty County Public Library

Albany, GA


The clowns were FABULOUS!  I have a teacher retiring this year after 31 years of teaching, she called it “the best assembly ever!”


Kelly Bolin


Central Elementary School

Dodge City, KS