Cherie & Dave's Red Nose World

Cherie & Dave's Red Nose World


Literacy Through Laughter

Cherie & Dave present “Literacy Through Laughter"

A 40 to 45-minute interactive story time & circus show with audience volunteers emphasizing how much fun & inspirational reading can be, by professional entertainers Cherie & Dave.

After a fun, interactive introduction, Dave reads Cherie's favorite book “If I Ran The Circus,” by Dr. Seuss, and Cherie shows the pictures to the kids in her own unique way. This involves acting out the story with lots of social silliness and imagination as well as demonstrating just how much fun reading can be.

 Inspired by the story, Cherie & Dave decide to create their own circus. The show involves music, plate spinning, balancing chairs, and a volunteer to balance 4 spinning plates simultaneously. The performance continues with an exciting juggling routine involving a lot more social silliness, that culminates to passing six clubs around an audience volunteer!

For your pre-school age story time: after the story is read, Cherie & Dave will perform a Comedy Magic & Juggling show that is specifically designed to their age group.

To conclude the performance Cherie & Dave tell the children, "We can’t believe, that after reading just one book, we got the great idea to put on our very own circus show. So if you ever want to get a great idea or just want to read a great story, make sure to check out all of the books here at your library!" 

Stickers are handed out and Cherie & Dave will be available for photos & social silliness for around 15 minutes.

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The magic of laughter!
The magic of laughter!